A celebration of ideals from which
the artist draws personal inspiration,
while also reflecting his beliefs about the need
for humanity to become conscious of the connection
between the environment and well being.
a view of Divinity from the front
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Divinity is a finely crafted, timber display unit that provides function and conveys meaning in its own right. The piece is built from reclaimed jarrah and native cherry timber. On display it stands 2.1m tall by 1.55m wide by .75m deep

The exterior of the piece features natural shape and texture of reclaimed timber, while the internal faces are finished in silk, mirror and jarrah burl. The central panel of the work incorporates Aboriginal art donated by Barbara Weir and Dacou Gallery, the seventh Apocalyptic Seal of Saint John by Michael Carter and a fibre optic star chart of the Southern Cross constellation.
Rear panels display the first six Apocalyptic seals and internal door faces disclose Buddhist Tantric symbols by Dale Wright.


a view of Divinity from the back
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view inside Divinity
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Technology plays an important role in this work both in assuring the functionality of the piece as well as forming part of the artistic metaphor. Divinity features remotely controlled locking, aromatheric oil mister, optic fibre lighting, UV-free highlighting lights and illuminated ornament display spindle. Other features of the piece include, removable/replaceable artwork, interlocking joints and hidden compartments.
"I began work on this piece late 1996 by locating an appropriate fallen tree and preparing the timber. I have tried to create a unique piece which has significant appeal as an item of decorative/functional furniture, but that also conveys meaning through the juxtaposition of iconography, Aboriginal art, technology and elements derived from the natural world."
"For me, Divinity relates to the influences and wisdom of humanity. It displays motifs intrinsic to creativity and inspirational to many of the world's truly honourable personalities."
"It seeks to show where we come from and where we need to be, and is designed as a tool to help get there."
— Tasman Kirkby

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