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Frequent Questions Frequent Questions

How do I order?

Greetings, welcome and yum your way.

Click here to create an account before you place an order. To just jump in, here's how to see everything.

"Quick Find" all our products with the search facility under "Categories" on the home page. On the left side near the bottom Click in the Quick Find field, press 1 space bar and press enter. This lists all our products for an easy viewing and selection. Select product quantities via the "Buy Now" column on the right and click Add To Cart at the bottom of the page when your finished.

  • Select the Checkout link at the top-right.
  • Select the delivery method and click Continue
  • Select your payment method and click Continue
  • Take the time to check your order carefully before clicking Confirm Order. To continue browsing the site, click Continue, otherwise click Log Off in the top menu.
  • Thank you. You're done! You should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.

Use the left side menu to select categories and the Buy Now column on the right side using the quantity select buttons to adjust quantity of a product. When you have chosen the products and quantities, click Add To Cart. Once you have selected all of your items, its time to proceed through the Checkout. You will receive a conformation email.

    How do I get Bonuses?

    Save 20% on your next order by telling a friend who orders before you next week. Customer feedback on this feature has been great. Once you have logged in and click the “tell a friend feature” on the left side, you may suggest our service to friends and receive 20% discount of our competitive prices.

When is the site updated?

We update by Saturday 3pm. Following the update, for regular customers we will email you with specials and new products.

How do I pay?

When you receive your final receipt

Electronic transfer details Savings and Loans Credit union Account name True Life Organics Account number 04146397 Bsb 805 023. In “check out” you’ll be asked to select a Bank transfer or Cash on delivery option. Your produce will contain a final receipt. COD customers should discuss payment details if you won't be home. We pay our suppliers promptly so they look after us, please finalise invoices within 5 days.

How do I order 1 kg of apples when the item comes in 500 grams?

For simplicity's sake we use small increments of a whole kilogram to allow you to order less than 1 kg of an item, and you may order as many units of an item as you wish. When you want to order 1.5 kg of apples, but the apples come in 500 gram increments, buy 3 lots of 500 grams.

I have created an account but I am not able to log in!

New accounts may be subject to approval by the store owner before you may place orders. At present new accounts are automatically approved.

How do I know if my product is certified organic or uncertified etc?

:) We seek and supply the best clean produce available locally and certified organic. Observe the "cert" column for clarification.

Note, we are working on a new mechanism to distinguish the farmer's name and location.

The code BD in the 'cert' column indicates that the item is certified organic and grown according to biodynamic standards.

The code CO in the 'cert' column indicates that the item is certified organic.

The code UO in the 'cert' column indicates that the item is organic but is grown by an uncertified farmer.

The code LO in the 'cert' column indicates that the item is not certified organic but organically and locally grown.

The code O indicates the product has Organic ingredients but may not be completely organic or certified. This is used for multiple ingredient products. That may or may not use certified ingredients and claim they are organic.

The code IPM indicates an ecological approach with a main goal of significantly reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides while at the same time managing pest populations at an acceptable level. Some farmers use insects like ladybirds to combat pests.

The code NO in the 'cert' column indicates that the item is not currently available from any of our suppliers, but we are offering the item from the cleanest conventional farmer we can.

The code n/a or N/A indicates the item is not available this week. We endeavor to have this item in stock as soon as possible.

The code O indicates the item not certified organic, and the labeling states organic ingredients.


Our producers are paid promptly for their contributions. The reality is, pesticides and herbicides etc enable easy less bio-diverse farming which is cheaper. Though we all want the best deal, please understand that eating organically increases the likelihood that your farmers will stay in business, our land will be left intact and your family will be healthier.

We update supplier prices by Saturday 3pm. If you order prior to this time there may be slight changes to your initial invoice and product availability.

Why was the price I was quoted not the price I was charged?

Organic industry prices fluctuate regularly. To maintain our low prices we charge according to the produce price we actually pay for your food. With scrutiny, you will note that some items may cost a little more and some will cost less.


What are your delivery areas? -South Australian Metro

$5 within the Adelaide hills and we deliver between 3 and 6pm pm to allow your freshest meal. Other areas $8.00, esky, cold packs, Wednesday morning delivery.

Smooth out your deliveries and footprint by managing collection points and sparing your friends delivery charges. Bonuses do apply and our charge is $1.70 per box.

Create your own collection point. Current collection points include Nairne, North Adelaide, Mount Barker and Magill. Phone 8388 0453 or 0407 232 632.

What if I am not home when my delivery comes?

This is the most common delivery situation and we have been delivering quality produce for 10 years. Add notes during the checkout process to let us know the best place to leave your food and your eta. In summer months we use recyclable foam boxes or clean wet cloth to maintain freshness.

There is a product I ordered but it is not in my box

Occasionally suppliers, farmers and we underestimate supply and demand. We text your missing items around 3 pm on your delivery day to allow you time to collect them elsewhere. Our business operates an honor system, if you have been charged for an item you did not receive please let us know and don’t pay for it.

Please note that this website does not comply with the Trade Practices legislation relating to Unit Pricing of Food. Work towards compliance is currently underway.

Testimonials and Comments

If you're into it, please view our face book page, tell your friends and write your comments. Or send them to us.

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For now, here is where you’ll find my effort towards identifying links pertinent to health choices and information for organic eaters. This is a social networking site so your input will be seen by everyone. Specific customer and business considerations are best directed through our contacts information. Feel free to expose perfunctory or misleading approaches, suggest sustainable goals and processes, or write your own comments.


True Life Organics Team

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