Why How and What is Orgone?

How does an Orgone Generator work?

An ORGONE Generator is a geometric shape of Orgonite- a 50/50 mixture of organic and non-organic material. In this case, resin and metals. This combination attracts dead Orgone energy, while quartz crystals purify and recycle the energy. This process of Orgone generation is further enhanced with specific minerals, shapes, coils and design features.

How do you use your Orgone Generator?

To use your Orgone Generator to enhance the life energy of your surroundings, simply place it near the center of your house, workplace or car. You can use it anywhere you want to balance life force energy, under your bed, on your bedside table, or next to a plant you want to flourish. See Witnessed effects from my devices.

Our natural world is unduly influenced and disrupted by waves and frequencies emitted via m/phone's their transmitters, 240-volt power systems, and communication stations etc. Orgone Generators have been found to reduce the harmful effects to the body from negative electro-magnetic frequencies. Place your device between you and the risk area. VAGA machine tests show EMF (negative electro-magnetic frequencies) are cleansed from the body when in close proximity to a device. Discharge to your device after using mobile phone's and while in negatively charged areas. Buttons are designed for this and are readily portable.


All Meditation is enhanced when practiced with your generator. Do what feels right to you or practice your favorite meditation. Try holding the device or placing it behind your back in general pose with the point upwards.

Programming Pyramids & Cones

If you have a list of things you are manifesting or working on, it can help to write them down and place the list under the Pyramid. This will help keep both you and the generator focused on these ideals. Visualize or view the generator as you tell it what to do.

Clear intension and visualisation are the primary tools to task your devices. Visualize your intension in as much detail as possible.This will take practice for some. Vivid images are very powerful, affirmations do help. Send the generator a telepathic image of your intension, in colour seeing the successful manifestation and yourself happy.

An important thing to do is to charge your device to work in harmony with you and your family's energies "for your highest divine good". Be in a centered state when interacting with your device and consider the outcome's as clearly as possible. Please remember the golden rule of other individuals' free will.

You can also place photos, mandala's or other objects under the piece, whatever you feel would help it to understand your intention and keep you focused as well.

NOTE: To free your Pyramid Generator to work on your intention it is suggested you also use a "midi" unit for Orgone balancing, otherwise the pyramid will take on general balancing function.

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