Witnessed Effects

Why Use Orgone?

Witnessed effects from my devices:

  • Enhance deeper meditation.
  • Faster healing rates. Pain relief.
  • Better health, less fatigue more vigor and energy.
  • Increased mental clarity/focus.
  • Better sleep, more vivid dreams.
  • Working and living environment more harmonious and calmer.
  • Negating harmful frequencies including EMF, ELF, GWEN and HARP pollution.
  • Reduces the harmful effects to the body from electrical appliances.
  • Increased psychic skills & faster growth.
  • Invigorated, life force filled water & food.
  • Flourishing plant growth. Ailing plants enlivened and used by fish and live food farmers for naturally increasing health and growth etc.
  • Cast a protective field against geopathic stress.
  • Clean your energy field (Aura).
  • Heal at a causal level.
  • Heal people, places and the planet.
  • Promote peaceful sleep.
  • Help cure addictions.
  • Help to overcome depression.
  • Help to overcome grief and loss.
  • Protect you from negative thought forms or entities.
  • Stop self-limiting negative cycles.
  • Protect you from E.M.F emissions from computers, televisions, cell phones, microwaves and all electronic equipment.
  • Energize food and water.
  • Awaken spirtual awareness.
  • Clean crystals.
  • Increase the healing range of any crystals placed near it.

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